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Maui, Hawaii       Magnificence! Silent Retreat & Satsang
February 11-16, 2010 With Katie Davis and Sundance Burke
President's Weekend
Valentine's Day

PRIVATE & SECLUDED UPCOUNTRY SPA ESTATE nestled in the Olinda Hills of Haleakala in deafening stillness and extraordinary bi-coastal views, surrounded by tropical gardens. Intimate sharing with Heart Friends. Sundance and Katie are joining the spiritual family throughout the retreat and living at the estate with plenty of wise love!

CHECK-IN is 11:00 AM-3:00 PM on Thursday, February 11 before the President's Day Weekend in the U.S. The estate is 15 miles from the arrival airport Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, USA. Please arrange your own shuttle.

SILENT RETREAT with Sundance and Katie is an opportunity to step out of daily activities and profoundly rest as deep silence.  This stillness is the aliveness that is already within you, untouched by the ego, its time and suffering. This is an extraordinary chance to realize the Heart that you genuinely are at the core of being, through being present, deep resting and Self-inquiry. Gathering together for an extended period in the frequency of satsang, you may realize the conscious freedom and causeless joy that is endlessly available through spiritual awakening, enlightenment and Self-realization.

SATSANG will be offered in (2) two hour sessions daily with (1) the evening of arrival; all with talks, deep resting, music and an opportunity to ask questions, share and be spiritual friends.

SILENT JOY SATSANG will be offered in (4) one hour sessions each evening in total silence as radiant stillness with Sundance and Katie.

AWAKE TEACHINGS are based on Non-duality, consistent with Advaita and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, who encouraged Sundance and Katie to start sharing in 1998 and who also encouraged them to write their books, Awake Joy by Katie Davis and Free Spirit by Sundance Burke. They have offered six week seminars on Eckhart Tolle Teachings.

Sundance and Katie also guide the Self-inquiry Teachings of Ramana Maharshi for the simple reason that they have found them so successful with the appropriate guidance at their six week seminars on Ramana's Teachings.

That said, these teachings are based on Self-realization, rather than conceptually based, and therfore blessed by the palpable Radiance.

Sundance Burke awakened in 1982 with the sage Shunyata named the Rare Born Mystic by his friend Ramana Maharshi. Katie Davis spontaneously and radically awakened in 1986 without practices or teachers. Sundance and Katie met in 1988 and since 1999, they have been traveling worldwide.

STILL ROOM doors slide open the entire length of the room to bring the tropics inside. The still room will be open 24 hours a day for meditation, silent sitting or Self-inquiry.

SILENCE will be observed at our first satsang the evening you arrive after a social dinner on Thursday, February 11 . We will "break the silence" Tuesday, February 16 at Maui sunrise.

MEALS will be served by our private vegetarian chef who will also prepare a raws foods and a vegan option. We will dine in silence with Sundance and Katie at the Hawaiian Style-Hand Crafted Koa Dining Table and doors that open to spectacular views. Hand crafted Koa is used throughout the Grand Villa. Additional dining on the deck.

SAUNA, 50 FOOT SALT WATER LAP POOL AND ULTRAVIOLET JACUZZI allows us to enjoy the "living waters" free of chemicals. Spa treatments that include aromatherapy, massage and body care may be available at an additional charge (details on the Registration Page). Doreena is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Aromatherapist. She is pictured below with her husband, Tom; the Estate Owners.

YOGA WITH INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED MEENAKSHI ANGEL HONIG is included in your Retreat Package on Friday and Sunday morning for one hour. Additional private sessions may be scheduled directly with Angel for an additional charge (details on the Registration Page).  

Meenakshi shares, "Yoga is a time tested method for toning, strengthening, balancing & rejuvenating every system in your Body Temple! A few of the benefits that you will enjoy from the practice of Yoga are: improve posture, muscle tone & flexibility; healthier functioning of the internal organs, nerves & glands; greater mental clarity & concentration; stress reduction & sounder sleep; increased vitality & inner peace." ~ Meenakshi Angel Honig

HANDS-ON ENERGETIC HEALING SESSIONS WITH AMARA are available for an additional charge by contacting Amara directly to schedule (details on the Registration Page).

"I have been a chiropractor and energetic healer for over 20 years.  Over the course of this time I have hired numerous hands-on healers and energy-working practitioners, in addition I have run workshops on energy healing and have received energy work from over 100 different practitioners.  I am happy to report that over the course of this time I have found no one more gifted or qualified than Bonnie Amara.  She brings to her work a very deep understanding and profound sensitivity to the workings of energetic, spiritual and physical healing.  Her work is gentle, nurturing, restorative and extremely balancing.  Amara’s sessions not only offer the possibility for healing of physical maladies, but her work also opens the possibility of deep connection with spiritual opening. Her treatments include a balancing through the laying-on of hands and also personal guidance from deep spiritual understanding. I am sure that anyone receiving the gift that she has to offer would be benefited in ways deeper than this recommendation can articulate."

   ~ Dr. David Waldman DC,   Lake Oswego, OR

MOLOKINI SNORKELING AND WHALE WATCHING ON THE LANAI KAI is included in your retreat package. We will "break the silence" at Maui sunrise on Tuesday morning, February 16 and then travel to Maalaea Harbor for a 6:45 AM departure to board the fast and stable catamaran the "Lani Kai." We will enjoy a continental breakfast before snorkeling at the Molokini Marine Preserve. While you are snorkeling, the crew will prepare a deli-style lunch and we will depart for the southern coastline of Maui to the Makena area that is nicknamed "Turtle Town" because of the abundant population of Green Sea Turtles. Beverages and snacks are included.

Departure: Maalaea Harbor Slip 76

Duration: Five Hours

Equipment: 53 foot Double Deck Power Catamaran features include a water slide, two fresh water showers, spacious protected cabin area, two restrooms and three water entries. Includes all snorkeling gear, instruction and floatation devices are provided.
Magnificence! Silent Maui Retreat and Satsang with Katie Davis & Sundance Burke

Maui, Hawaii, February 11-16, 2010

               (President's Weekend, Valentine's Day)

                                           6 Days 5 Nights in Paradise, Tranquility, Deep Stillness
Sundance Burke & Katie Davis at Malakua Beach in Wailea
"As a long time student of Papaji and Gangaji and the many teachers that have come to Boulder, please accept my deepest pranams for one of the most memorable teachings I have personally received in the last 18 years. Sundance and Katie make a great team. Their humor, love and deep caring were expressed so easily. The meditation was amazing. Their quiet and gentle approach awakened in a simple way the wonder of the non-dual presence. I look forward to be invited into this timeless embrace with them again." ~ Chandra, Boulder, Colorado
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