It is healthy for successful frienship and freeing to all those concerned to understand that while friendships may provide many lovely moments of happiness, they will also be intermingled with unhappy moments. Love, compassion and understanding are one and support success relationships.

In fact, it might be quite helpful to note that whenever you are feeling unease that unhappiness is just as unstable as happiness. It will inevitably change, within time, and cycle to happiness. Compassion and patience are helpful and intelligent.

Your body and its life situation are subject to this law of impermanence. The content of the life situation is always different. It is therefore unreasonable to expect anything other than periods of unhappiness that are mixed with periods of content.

When you give up striving for true and enduring happiness through objects, people and circumstances, it signals that you are closer to realizing the changeless joy that you genuinely are.

After all, if you were anything other than the changeless, you would not even be able to perceive the ever changing.

Pure joy simply cannot be found objectively.

Who is aware of the body and its life situation? Who is aware of happiness or unhappiness? Who is watching?

Does that awareness ever change? Is it not true that it is everywhere you are?

Are you not the same awareness that was looking at your image in the mirror, when you were only six years old?

Are you not the same awareness that was looking at the blue sky at the beach, when you were only twenty?

In fact, is that not the same awareness that is looking right now in this moment?

Who is that? Who are you?

You are the only key to realizing pure love and changeless joy. They are caused by nothing and never change.

This joy is not some-thing for which "you" strive. It is who you already are.

Katie Davis, Author,  Awake Joy

The Changeless and the Ever Changing

By Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

When all that is impermanent is surrendered, what remains is who you really are.

Every "thing" in the perceivable world of duality is subject to the law of impermanence. This means that everything that appears will eventually disappear. Forms come and they go.

If you are seeking something permanent, within that which is impermanent, you will suffer. It is self-evident that impermanence cannot contain permanence. No-thing is permanent.

For instance, you might believe that friends are to make you happy only, not really understanding  that  this  is  destined  to  fail.  People change and the manner in which you judge them changes. Even your judgment varies, based upon your ever changing conditions!

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The House of Cards Falls When You Are Ready

By Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit

The ego or mind-made false self is a house of cards that collapses completely the very instant it is realized that YOU, the perceiving consciousness, are not an object. The True Self is not difficult to realize, as it merely involves an unbiased looking at what you think and feel you are. In other words, it involves your interest in witnessing the mind’s story of self-identity.
The Mystical Sky

By Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy

Can you sense the Changless as the white clouds drift across the pale blue sky?

This morning, do you hear the inaudible Silence of the red-breasted cardinal, while its song is outpouring?

Are you aware of the unfathomable Perfection of the radiant colors of the rainbow?

Is not the Infinity of space truly awe-inspiring as the stars twinkle in the midnight sky?

Do you feel the Harmony within as the sun sets over the Pacific or the Mystery of the full moon over the island of Lanai?

Are you distinguishing the Stillness, when a blue-tipped butterfly suspends in imperceptible space?

Well, close your eyes for a moment. Yes, there are many thoughts and corresponding feelings. Do you notice that they are all either about or in relationship with "you?"

Have you discovered yet the blissful joy beneath happy and sad, when you stop talking story?

Now, just rest as "I am" and stop at that ... nothing more.

Still with eyes closed, back away a little. Are you missing the space around "I," the sublime sky of being?

Are you able to discern that this sky is still within the field of experience? Are you any less, if you resonate solely as "am," this beautiful feeling of connectivity?

Ever more subtle, perhaps still unnoticed, does any reference point whatsoever remain? Not a personal reference point of course, but any?

Is there anything deeper than even the slightest movement ... or stillness ... of inner experience?

Upon Self-discovery, open your eyes! Let it all settle in, so to speak.

Can you be fully in this world, while not being of it?

Is there any difference between That which is within and That which appears to be manifesting everywhere?

Are you fully integrated and embodied as the non-dual Heart of Pure Beingness?

As True Sky, are you experiencing the sky, the cardinal, the starlit night, the rainbow, the sunset and moonrise as the purest joy of True You?

Katie Davis, Author, Awake Joy
Friends of the Heart
  May 2012                       Volume 12 Number 5
The only real challenge to Self-realization is the issue of your readiness to face the possibility that you will have to let go of every self-concept and self-image that proves to be false by your own investigation. Even coming close to such an inquiry always provides the intuition that you are getting ready to face a great unknown. It is not uncommon to experience the fear of dying in this context. However, the intimation of death is more often related to the ego than the physical body.

So far, you have been attached to and identified with a matrix of concepts, beliefs and images about yourself, others and the world. “I am a human being, a short-lived and insignificant object (body) in a vast and enduring universe of greater things.” We don’t really say this consciously, but it is assumed by the power of our human conditioning. This human idea is called self-knowledge, but is it true? Are you really what you think or perceive? Even to contemplate or be curious about this question is a sign of your readiness for Self-realization. 

It’s true, if you have been hanging your hat on mental ideas and images of self and they’re all perceived to be false, then their influence will disappear from your consciousness. However, you will never know whether your notions of self are false or true unless you put them to the test. Here are two powerful ways to test your concept and feeling of self for truth or falsehood.

First, in this moment or any other, look at any idea, image or feeling of self that arises in your awareness and ask yourself: Am I this perception?

This question really is: Am I an idea, perception, image or feeling?

Well, are you such a thing?

If not, why base your Being upon such a flimsy foundation. Nonsense does not require your serious attention. It can be safely and light-heartedly dismissed and even forgotten altogether.

The second way to test the mind is to ignore it completely for a single moment and intuit who you are in the absence of a single thought or assumption.

Check it out. Drop all knowledge and every desire for understanding and just Be.

Can you feel it?

What is the nature of this Being?

This truth cannot be realized, unless you taste what it is to be simply aware and free of all desire for a self-understanding.

If a thought arises like, “Oh, I cannot possibly be free of all thought, even for a moment.” Ignore this thought, surrender the doubt it voices and directly perceive the Being that remains and is deeper as your essence.

Yes, this is high adventure, and while it might appear to involve some risk, it does not. Just as it’s been said, “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” However, you cannot know this as Self-truth if fear keeps you from testing it for reality. Just as you cannot know the joy of eating without tasting the food, you must leave the idea of yourself for being.

What will you discover by self-inquiry? You will realize that beyond the mind and the individual body that it claims as self, you are Pure Consciousness, the awareness of all experience. Unknowable as anything of name or form, you are that which knows all experience.

That which you cannot know, cannot be. So, your death cannot be, because it would have to known by you, as life. Truth is not something external to you. Truth is within the Self you are. Let’s face it, as Consciousness, life is all you know now or have ever known. Death is a belief proposed by others and there aren’t any others, except as an idea and sense that is perceived by your conscious Being.

Thought-free awareness is Pure Consciousness. Essentially, this is the Self of all. Just because you can see a reflection of your Being in the mirror of mind doesn’t mean that you are that image.  The mind serves one purpose only: it points to the source from which it arises. Turn away from the mirror and realize the Self directly.

This is the way open to all who are ready.

Peace & Blessings to All

Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit
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