Private Satsang Appointments
              Katie Davis
Katie Davis is available for in person, phone or Skype appointments. To make an appointment, please pre-pay by credit card by clicking the PayPal donation button below. PayPal will notify us of your payment. After payment, please click EMAIL to notify us when you wish to schedule your appointment, with whom (Katie or Sundance), your time zone and your phone or Skype number. Someone will contact you by email to schedule your appointment date and time. If your appointment is scheduled by phone or Skype, please sit quietly for 10-15 minutes before calling.

If you require paying by check, please click EMAIL to request the mailing address. We accept personal checks drawn on a US bank or money orders in USD. Please mail two weeks prior to your appointment.

When you click the "Make a Donation" button, you will be asked to enter the amount of the donation.

One Hour Session $125 - Prepaid
(If you are registered for an upcoming Weekend Satsang Retreat,
the donation is $75.00).

Three One hour Sessions at $115 or $345 Total - Prepaid

Half Hour Session (phone or Skype only) $75 - Prepaid

Three Half Hour Sessions (phone or Skype only) at $70 or $210 Total - Prepaid
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Private Satsang Appointments with Spiritual Teacher, Katie Davis
By Phone, Skype or In Person Individual Sessions
     Katie Davis
Awake Joy
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Katie Davis   Satsang Teacher, Non-duality, Self-Inquiry, Spirituality, Non-dual Satsang
                                                                      Author, "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment"
Free videos and downloads by current spiritual satsang teacher and author, Katie Davis on spiritual awakening, Nonduality, Self-inquiry, Advaita, the power of being now, presence, enlightenment, Self-realization, satsang, spirituality and meditation
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