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Katie Davis Satsang
Maryland Satsang - Washington DC Satsang Silver Spring Satsang, OneCircle Satsang Satsang &  Weekend Satsang Retreat - Zoxon The Gathering 2012 - International Satsang Retreat with Katie Davis, Sundance Burke
Katie Davis Satsang
Katie Davis Satsang
KATIE DAVIS awakened in 1986 and is author of "Awake Joy."

SUNDANCE BURKE awakened in 1982 and is author of "Free Spirit"

SUNDANCE AND KATIE are worldwide Satsang Teachers and have been sharing satsang since 1999. They have been traveling throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe with their message of conscious freedom and causeless joy. After eight years on Maui, they have returned to their home in the Pacific Northwest in the mainland United States. Sundance and Katie have been recently published in another book entitled "Conversations on Non-duality: Twenty-six Awakenings." You are invited to join them in Maryland for Silver Spring Satsang and a Weekend Satsang Retreat that is hosted by OneCircle Center.
Maryland Satsang, Washington DC Satsang, Silver Spring Satsang, OneCircle Satsang
                                Spiritual Awakening, Non-duality, Self-inquiry, Self-realization
                                                             Katie Davis and Sundance Burke
Katie Davis Satsang
Maryland Satsang                                 OneCircle Satsang with Katie Davis & Sundance Burke
Washington DC Satsang
Silver Spring Satsang          Satsang with Katie Davis & Sundance Burke
OneCircle Center             
Friday SatsangWho are you really at the core of being beyond thought, emotion
June 8, 7:30-9:30 pm    and form? Who or what is here now and has been forever present?
    In this compelling inquiry and radical realization, how is the life
                                                                 situation transformed?

    Satsang begins in meditation, followed by pointers by Katie Davis and                                                                                                 Sundance Burke and finally questions, sharing and music.

    Please arrive 15 minutes early, enter in silence and begin silent
    sitting. Doors open at 7:15 pm. Latecomers will be seated whenever the
    meditation is completed.

  Location for Friday Satsang and Weekend Retreat: OneCircle Center
     3804 Littleton Street, Silver Spring MD
                                                                                                                  (301) 949-8984
              For directions and a map:  OneCircle
       Organizer: Tania Gerich
           Donation at the door: $20 (cash or check)
You may also register below for a Weekend Pass to save that includes
Friday Satsang, the Sat-Sun Weekend Satsang Retreat and a discount
for a Private Satsang on Monday, if you choose to schedule one.

Maryland Satsang        Weekend Satsang Retreat - Katie Davis & Sundance Burke
Washington DC Satsang
Silver Spring Satsang           Weekends with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke offer a rare
One Circle Center                             opportunity to retreat from our work, our families, our friends, our
Weekend Satsang Retreat concepts and judgments, our personal sense of self with its history and
Sat-Sun, June 9-10       anxious future to allow the mind to open to the most profound truth of who
10 am - 4 pm  we really are here and now.
(Note Saturday Evening
Kirtan listed below)Over the period of two days, we will commit to the deepest inquiry
supported by the potent environment of satsang. Each day offers
two sessions. Each session begins in meditation, followed by
pointers from Katie Davis and Sundance Burke that are spontaneously
interspersed with the radiant stillness that is constantly available.
Each session will also include questions, sharing and some music.

Please bring a sack lunch or there are restaurants and gardens nearby.

Donation at the door: $150
         Register for a Weekend Pass that includes Satsang and Weekend Retreat: $135
Includes Friday Satsang, the Weekend Retreat and a discount for a Private
Satsang, if you wish to schedule an appointment for Monday, June 11.

Register now for Friday Satsang & Sat/Sun Weekend Satsang Retreat:
When the donation button opens, you will be asked to enter $135.00

Online Registration closes June 6. On the day of the event at the door,
                                                           cash or checks only. At the door, Friday Satsang is $20 & the Weekend Retreat $150.

Silver Spring, Maryland    After Saturday's Satsang Retreat, we will break for dinner and return for
Washington DC Satsang    Kirtan at 7:30 pm. We will be chanting in Sanskrit and English, honoring the
One Circle Kirtan                   many forms of spirit. No experience necessary! You can bring a percussion
Saturday, June 9                    instrument and they will also be provided. There are plenty of pillows,
7:30-9:00 pm                           backjacks and chairs. Rufus Juskus is a professional musician, guitarist and
                                                            harmonium player. He leads chanting on a regular basis and has been a popular
contributor to local kirtan circles.

Love Donation: $10-$15 to Rufus and OneCircle

Maryland Satsang                  Private Satsang with Katie Davis or Sundance Burke
Washington DC Satsang
Silver Spring Satsang            Now Reserving - Schedule your appointment now at:
OneCircle Center
Private Satsang     Schedule Katie Davis at Private Satsang
Monday, June 11
10 am - 8 pm  Schedule Sundance Burke at Private Satsang

  You may also contact the Event Organizer, Tania to schedule:

Those who are registered for the Weekend Satsang Retreat are
offered Private Satsang Appointments for $75 (normally $125).
If you are not registered for the Weekend Pass, donation is $125.

   Appointments may be scheduled between 10 am - 8:00 pm
   on Monday, June 11. Private Satsang is one hour. The location will be either
   OneCircle or at a private residence to be announced.
Katie Davis & Sundance Burke, Washington DC Satsang     Weekend Satsang Retreat, OneCircle in Silver Spring
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