John Astin

Alexandra Cherrington
         Tony Ballester


             Kip Mazuy

  Deva Premal and Miten  

           Kathy Zavada

         Amber Terrell

          Ann Hoffman

            Cathy Ginter

Serge Mazerand


              Sam Blight  

  Narayan & Janet Baltzo

Katie Davis Awake
Advaita Vedanta, Non-duality, Spiritual Teachers,
Self-Inquiry, Satsang, Awakening and Related Resources by Katie Davis
Awakening and Meditation Music
Katie Davis Heart Links
                        Meditation, Healing and Spirituality Centers

Kailua Shambhala Meditation Center, Kailua, Hawaii

      The Rising Sun, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Unity of Vancouver, Vancouver BC

           Silent Stay Silent Retreat Centers in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Bali
                                Art and Photography

                                                Shankar Gallery

           Serving Hawaii Spirituality and Community

  Maui Vision Magazine

                                                    Haiku Helen
                                 Satsang Teachers

                          Vancouver BC Satsang

Satsang Gatherings and Retreats in The Netherlands

   Chicago Satsang

                                   Seattle Satsang

                        Pacific Northwest Satsang  

       Asheville Sangha, Asheville. North Carolina

         One Circle Center, Silver Spring, Maryland
Conscious TV

Interviews with Katie Davis, Sundance Burke & Sundance and Katie with Iain and Renate McNay in London, England ~ Free videos on Advaita, consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Conscious Living Radio

Interview with Katie Davis and Sundance Burke by Andrew Rezmer in Vancouver BC, Canada on spirituality and Advaita.

    Never Not Here ~ Richard Miller

Interviews with Katie Davis, Sundance Burke and Sundance & Katie ~ Free Advaita Videos

   Soul's Code

  Couple of articles by Katie Davis and much more
Katie Davis
                  Ramana Maharshi

Spiritual Teachings of Advaita, Self-inquiry and Satsang, Spiritual Teacher and sage, Ramana Maharshi. He is one of the most revered sages of modern day India. Ramana Maharshi often quoted the works of Adi Shankara (see below). Self-inquiry is based on the teachings of Adi Shankara. Be Are You Are (Ramana Maharshi), edited by David Godman.

       Nisargadatta Maharaj
A non-commercial website created by a devotee of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj; a collection of books, photos, videos and many other articles for the devotees of Maharaj to share resources of interest.

                                                                    Jean Klein

Spritual teacher and sage in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi and Krishna Menon. Jean Klein books rarely use Advaita or technical terms and are an ease to read. His Advaita teachings focus on Non-duality and Self-inquiry.

                                        Papaji, Disciple of Ramana Maharshi (HWL Poonja)

Spiritual teacher and sage in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi. His books Wake Up and Roar I and II are now available in a single volume.

     Robert Adams, Disciple of Ramana Maharshi

Spiritual teacher of Advaita, Self-inquiry and Self-realization. You will probably read Silence of the Heart.

                         Adi Shankara and  Adi Sankara at Vedanta Spiritual Library

                                                         Jiddhu Krishnamurti

   Anandamayi Ma


     Neem Karoli Baba
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Katie Davis
     Katie Davis
Awake Joy
                                                                  Vedanta Spiritual Library

Free online Advaita Vedanta Spirtual Library with the teachings of Adi Shankara, other Vedanta books, the Bhagavad Gita, Brahma Sutra, the Upanishads, the complete text of I Am That by Nisargadatta, Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Who Am I by Ramana Maharshi and Jiddhu Krishnamurti and much more.

                                                                                      Nonduality Salon JKatz,Author

Numii Net ~ Serving the Inner Search
Online Friends Network by clicking Heart Friends Too     Also more Heart Links at Katie's Blog, Awake by Katie
   Spirituality Counseling and Healing

                                                      Jordan Shafer
                                                        Mark Waller

                                             Peter and Pearl Sumner

    Cathy Ginter

  Safe Harbor Center for Spiritual Healing

     Linda Sangwine       

             Massage Therapy - Myofascial Release Therapy, Mission, BC  
          Celebration of Being

            Christine Wushke

        The Inner Connection

               Inner Directions

           Non-duality America

A.H. Nonprofit ~ Rafael Stoneman
        Teen Self-Discovery and Self-inquiry

                                                      Teen Journey

                                       WHO ARE YOU? Dare to find out?
Serving the Advaita, Advaita Vedanta, Non-duality and Awakening Community and Related Websites
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Traditional Spiritual Teachers: Advaita, Advaita Vedanta, Self-inquiry, Self-realization
            Sundance Burke                                Eckhart Tolle                                                      Doulas Harding       
                 Scott Kiloby                                                    Nirmala & Gina Lake                                                Richard Lang

                     Gangaji                                             Leo Hawkins                                                          Ellie Roozdar

              Mooji                                   Burt Harding                                     Alice Gardner 

          Catherine Ingram                                       Jackie O'Keeffe                                    Steve Bodian       

             Suzanne Foxton                                  Dave Oshana                                Adyashanti & Mukti  

                Pamela Wilson                                                           Jeff Foster                                                                  Unmani

                Joan Tollifson                                               Isaac Shapiro & Meike              Rupert Spira
            Florian Schlosser             Living                                          Tony Parsons

                     Greg Goode                   Karl Renz                                                              Trey Carland

Chuck Hillig                                                            Byron Katie                                Ram Dass

                   Canela Meyer                                                    Karen Richards                                                             Padma 

Katie Davis   Satsang Teacher, Non-duality, Self-Inquiry, Spirituality, Non-dual Satsang
                                                                      Author, "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment"
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