Sundance and Katie ~ There Are No Dilemmas  (9 minutes)
     Produced by Richard Miller,  "Never Not Here" Show by ClearSightTV

Keywords: Advaita Vedanta, awakening, enlightenment, Self-inquiry, dreaming "I," who am I?,            consciousness, spirituality, meditation, life purpose, spiritual realization, non-duality
Sundance and Katie ~ Love of Being  (8 minutes)
    Produced by Richard Miller, "Never Not Here Show" by ClearSightTV

Keywords: Advaita, awakening, enlightenment, consciousness, spirituality,    meditation, awakening to life's purpose, spiritual realization, non-duality
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     Katie Davis
Awake Joy
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Katie Davis & Sundance Burke ~ Conscious TV ~ London, England  ~ (27 minutes)
In a spontaneous interview on Conscious TV, producer Iain McNay and interviewer Renate McNay both of the Conscious TV Show in London, England interview Katie Davis, author of "Awake Joy" and Sundance Burke, author of "Free Spirit" on spiritual awakening, enlightenment, Non-duality, Advaita and Self-realization.
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Katie Davis Free Advaita Videos

Advaita Satsang Videos on Non-duality, Awakening, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Spirituality, Meditation, Self-realization, the Heart of Advaita.
  Advaita Satsang Free Videos by Katie Davis

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Free Advaita Satsang videos and television interviews with spiritual teachers  Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy, and Sundance Burke, author, Free Spirit on Advaita Vedanta, Non-duality, awakening, enlightenment, consciousness, spirituality, meditation, Self-realization. Katie guides us in Advaita satsang to the realization of Non-duality and the very Heart of Advaita.
Katie Davis   Satsang Teacher, Non-duality, Self-Inquiry, Spirituality, Non-dual Satsang
                                                                      Author, "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment"
Free videos and downloads by current spiritual satsang teacher and author, Katie Davis on spiritual awakening, Nonduality, Self-inquiry, Advaita, the power of being now, presence, enlightenment, Self-realization, satsang, spirituality and meditation
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