What Is Satsang?
   Satsang with Sundance & Katie
          Satsang with Katie Davis
Simply Being Free with Sundance
What Is Satsang with Sundance & Katie?
     Katie Davis
Awake Joy
Satsang is your true and natural Being, the song of your heart singing, the light of your consciousness shining, the peace of your spirit resting.

Satsang is your flight as freedom, a trackless movement through the stillness of your heart.

Satsang is what you have been seeking all throughout this lifetime and the true answer to “Who am I.”

Come … open to this sacred invitation to realize and Be who you truly are. In-joy this silent grace awareness, for you are this adoring One, now and always.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti… I am Peace, I am Peace, I am Peace
In Sanskrit, Satsang means “Pure Being 'together' as Truth”

Satsang is not a teaching to become something more. Rather, it is a spiritual awakening to who you really are right now. Ultimately, it is Self-realization as the Absolute that is the non-dual Pure Consciousness-Beingness-Bliss that is beyond all and All.

It is the end of the psychological mind-made self named ego, its separation and therefore the end of all psychological suffering. We realize divine consciousness and unity consciousness that is profound sacredness, deep peace, radiant love and calm joy.  Free of the dual mind, we rest as silent presence, deep stillness and being the power of Now.

Please Note: No previous knowledge or experience required.

The Form of the Gathering

Silent presence, consciousness speaking, Self-inquiry and Q & A. A palpable frequency of radiant love and calm-joy pervades the gathering

Simply Being Free Satsang with Sundance Burke

Sundance Burke hosts a series of Satsangs called “Simply Being Free,” as outlined below. In Sanskrit, Satsang means “Being together as Truth.” Satsang is not a teaching to become something more. Rather, it is a spiritual awakening to the non-dual Consciousness that is always present as who you really are.

“Spiritual Awakening is not a doing achieved by effort. It is the 'happening' of grace, the spontaneous fulfillment of your heart’s desire to be true and free.” ~ Sundance

A metaphor for the Simply Being Free Satsang is this. Picture a golfer raking away his footprints from a sand trap after his shot. This raking of sand leaves the appearance that no one was there. In Satsang, simply by being present and aware, we are able to see through the myth of our mental identity as so and so, to realize we are not as we think, and thus feel or sense. While the mind needs your belief for its apparent existence, you do not need thoughts or emotions to be. Our ideas and feelings of a personal self are just that: ideas and feelings. In truth, these passing fancies possess no reality. This realization changes your conscious experience radically. You must see for yourself what this is. Only your direct experience is truth in Satsang.

Some of you can awaken to reality with relative ease, while others may require more seasoning. The idea of being a “person” is an ancient program and the conditioning itself is a formidable force of resistance to awakening. The ego-mind can be extremely clever, as it knows just how to feed itself to survive. Simply Being Free is designed by the moment to meet this ego-challenge and to support your earnest desire to be free. You will be encouraged to deepen your investigation through any pointing that resonates with you.

Concepts appear on this page and they are just that. They merely point to who is truly present and free right now. An ocean of love awaits your return home to Self. More truly, you have never been away. I whole-heartedly invite you to Satsang.

The Form of the Gathering

Silent Presence, Consciousness speaking, Self-inquiry and Q & A. A palpable frequency of radiant love and calm-joy pervades the gathering.

Simply Being Free Speaking Points

Together, over the course of these gatherings, we will be giving our relaxed, light-hearted and alert attention to “going within” – the turning away from the physical, emotional, and intellectual projections of mind to realize the Source of this ego-display. To allow for this polar shift of attention in each Satsang, we may contemplate some or all of the following pointers.

Please note: no relative knowledge is truly necessary for you to be who you already are.

Turning in Being:

Our Truest desire ~ longing to be free

Seeking in past and future versus being Now

The grace of gratitude and the blessing of forgiveness

Inviting, welcoming, noticing, allowing and accepting all that happens now

Witnessing Presence ~ The law of three forces

Resistance to change ~ Gurdjieff’s law of octaves

Effortlessly releasing/letting go of problematic feelings, thoughts, images, sensations, memories and expectations

Releasing holdbacks by conscious breath

Ho'oponopono ~ Hawaiian spiritual forgiveness and reconciliation prayer

Latent habits and tendencies ~ programming and conditioning

Mind control by mind itself ~ the thief guarding the jewels

Feeling, resting and abiding as awareness in the midst of all life activity

Discriminating the real from the unreal

All wanting/needing and expecting/anticipating ~ appearing lost in psychological time

False beliefs of identity ~ “I am a separate person” “I am the thinker/feeler/doer”

Conscious action versus habitual reaction

Deepening in Being:

The practice of Self-Inquiry – the direct path to Self-Knowing.

The Oneness of emptiness and fulfillment

Dropping understanding for Innerstanding.

Being Meditation beyond Practicing Meditation

Being Happy Meditation

Peace ~ the stillness and silence within

True Self Power ~ 100% response-able Consciousness

The reality of Now ~ I Am Presence

Allowing and accepting each moment as it is

Our natural calm/joy

The art of living as Awareness ~ being as you are

Love is Being

Ultimate Realization ~ Nothing ever happened
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     Katie Davis
Awake Joy
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